Here’s some links to products that we enjoy. We don’t make these products, but we like them.

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But, we never recommend things that we don’t use anyway.

Products We Like

Neuro Ball Foot Myofascial Release

Yoni Steam Pot

Glass timer water bottle

Best Budget IR sauna: Serena Life

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocao

Resistance Bands for Gluts and Hips

Resistance bands for stretching: WODfitters

Lux (happy light) Alarm Clock

Faraday Bags for Phones

Mouth tape

Books We Recommend:

How to Activate Your Vagus Nerve

Why We Sleep?

Breathe By James Nestor

The Fourth Phase of water: Gerald Pollack

Attached: Amir Levine

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (Westin Price)