Hiring Doctor in Portland Oregon

Integrative/Functional Medicine Practice Needs Practitioner:
We’re hiring a Doctor/Practitioner with prescriptive rights
SW Portland, Oregon (near the Oregon Zoo) and Downtown Camas, Washington
32 hrs / week with potential for overtime if desired.
Type of employment:
Associate practitioner.
Pay Scale:
Pay is based on a fee split, DOE.
Who we want:
We are an integrative medical practice in need of an associate healthcare provider to serve our established patient base. The “integrative medicine” that we practice is a fusion of western primary care and naturopathic medicine. Sometimes this style is referred to as “functional medicine.”

Applicants for this position must have prescriptive rights and must be comfortable integrating the holistic and naturopathic principles of our standard of care. Strong candidates will have firm goals, empathy, confidence and emotional intelligence. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire for growth would be a plus. It’s also important that applicants align with our company culture. We value emotional resiliency and medical freedom. We need a practitioner who knows what they want in life and has the drive and follow-through to go get it.

We are a small, boutique practice that does not accept insurance. Because we’re a cash practice, providers must be comfortable discussing money, payment and the cost of care with patients. We have transparent billing and our providers must be able to comfortably explain the value we provide. The best part about this model is that we are not controlled by insurance companies; as our associate you’d also share in this freedom.

    This position may be filled by:

  • Nurse Practitioner*
  • Physician’s Assistant*
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Medical Doctor*
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine*

*NOTE: If you’re an MD, NP, PA, DO, you need to understand that the practice of functional medicine is different than what you’re probably used to. As a small, non-insurance boutique practice, our staff and practitioners enjoy greater work-life balance and greater creative license in patient care. Our practice may not be a good fit for those who prefer to working in rigid healthcare institutions. If you’re ready to participate in investigative medicine, free from insurance companies then we’d love to have you on our team.

Associate Practitioner Duties & Philosophy of Care:

glycoconjugates and immune response
glycoconjugates and immune response

We take difficult medical cases that require intensive research and ongoing care to resolve. Most of our patients have been under-served by the medical establishment. Patients only seek us out after years of the insurance model failing. While managing medications and prescribing is fundamental to the position, our philosophy is to guide patients to a state of health where medications are no longer necessary. Patients experiencing chronic health issues also frequently have an emotional, psychological and even spiritual component to their illness.

In western cultures, we compartmentalize “stress” that negatively affects our physical health. However, “stress” is just a safer way to explain away deep fear/regret/shame/uncertainty in life. Our providers must be comfortable speaking with patients about painful emotions and exploring how a patient’s emotional state affects their health. Our providers must have the emotional strength to embody a balance of empathy and accountability with our diverse patient base.

do you have a nutrient deficiency
Nutrient Deficiencies

This healing process involves untangling long-term interactions between complex systems. Common prescription/OTC medications, food/lifestyle choices and emotional states influence gut microbiome, hormone health, inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Helping patients at our clinic involves research, interpreting labs, emotional work, holistic approaches and coordination with other providers and health/nutrition counselors.

As an integrative medical practice, our patients appreciate that we use Western/Scientific approaches to medicine while also incorporating modalities like acupuncture into our standard of care. While science attempts to be purely logical, our patients are in fact humans and our medicine respects this. For example, everyone knows they’re supposed to avoid fast-food and excessive alcohol/drugs; but these substances are still commonly abused. Whether patients identify as spiritual, religious or atheistic, their logical decision-making is still guided by emotional needs, subconscious motivations and their spiritual interpretations of reality.

body meridians in chinese medicine and acupuncture diagram female.
Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture Body Meridians

Our standard of care respects these nuances of the human experience. We expect our care team to embrace treatment modalities that approach medicine from both scientific and holistic approaches. These practices can be a way for patients to integrate their emotional experience with their physical health. As a practitioner at our clinic, there may be times when you feel more like a grief counselor than a healthcare provider. However, by helping patients integrate the emotions, trauma and axioms that they use to navigate life, we can achieve much more robust clinical outcomes.

    Qualified applicants must…

  • Complete patient visits within the allotted time
  • Accept diverse patients with unique political/social views
  • Develop care plans with other doctors and health coaches
  • Incorporate holistic/naturopathic principles into standard of care
  • Be able to manage/prescribe medications
  • Think independently to creatively apply natural health to unique patient cases
  • Be comfortable investigating/resolving complicated health issues
  • Be able to easily communicate how you add value to patients
  • Be independently motivated to stay productive
  • Develop customized written treatment plans for our patients
  • Effectively use cloud-based software systems
  • Be comfortable discussing payment and money with patients
  • Help us improve patient flow, systems & care
  • Be committed to constant, never-ending improvement
  • Complete all charting within 48 hours of the visit
  • Complete charts in a way that allows other providers to easily understand the fundamentals of the patient case
  • Use functional/naturopathic medicine to treat underlying causes of illness
  • Know or learn medicinal plants and herbal medicines
  • Know or learn minimally-processed nutrition principles of whole food diets
  • Know or learn the details of dietary changes in relation to medical conditions (low FODMAP diet, anti-inflammatory diets, Candida diets etc)
  • Develop a detailed understanding of our supplement lines
  • Integrate Chinese Medicine principles which explain complex biology using allegory & metaphor
  • Be an empathetic listener who can easily develop trust & rapport with patients
  • Know or learn how to implement/diagnose using advanced functional medicine lab testing (Comprehensive GI panels, Nutrient panels, Hormone panels etc)
  • Condense complex information into simple communication with patients
  • Condense complex concepts into easily understood ideas for patients and the care team
Hiring Doctor in Portland Oregon