Taking Ownership of My Internal Dialogue

Take control of your narrative.

With the New Year now in full swing, many of us (myself included) have taken a few moments to reflect on our lives and reaffirm our purpose. Many people much further along in their self-cultivation than myself have already noted the importance of taking ownership of the stories that they tell themselves. However, in writing this affirmation for myself I am incorporating self-empowerment into my internal dialogue. However, self-empowerment cuts both ways. When I take ownership of my own destiny and I accept that I am in control of my own happiness and making my own dreams come true, the trade-off of this self-awareness is that I can’t hide behind my own excuses.

The price we pay for control of our own destiny is that we have to give up our excuses. Giving up excuses is easier said than done. If I’m in control, that means that I am responsible for the success or failure of my dreams. Yes, it’s true, I might believe that I “did everything right” and still fail. But, in times of failure or loss my best way forward is to accept responsibility, learn everything that I can, and continue to move forward with courage and greater wisdom from the experience.

What makes all of this even more difficult is that the universe is much bigger than we are. Sometimes, even if we do everything within our power to take control of our destiny, it is still possible to fail or experience loss. But, within life’s (sometimes cruel) elements of time and chance there is a silver lining. There are times in my life where I have been unlucky and failed at something despite tremendous effort, careful planning and excellent follow-through. Sometimes, we just don’t get what we deserve. However, there are also many instances where time and chance have gone in my favor and glossed over my mistakes and shortcomings. There are also times when a blessing that I did not expect has simply happened. When I take a moment to reflect and look for gratitude, I see how I so much to be thankful for in my life.

For me, living a life of fulfillment starts with me taking control of the stories I tell myself. When someone else’s negative narrative about my life adversely affects me; this is a sign that those negative feelings may also exist somewhere in me.

Taking control of my narrative means today I stop blaming and start taking action. I don’t care whose fault it is; I choose to be part of the solution.

I’ve fought too hard to be where I am so I won’t settle for quick fixes that focus on outward appearances. I’m playing Chess, not Checkers and the results of the life I choose will be self-evident in the fullness of time.

For the challenges that the New Year may hold for me, I can only say this…
Forget New Years Resolution, it’s time for New Year’s Revolution.
Who’s with me?
-Dr. Danielle Smith Lockwood via Terrain Wellness Instagram Page

In closing, I’m writing this article to ground my own intention of accepting responsibility, taking ownership of my life and feeling gratitude. As a naturopath in Portland, I’m not only helping people heal, I’m also learning and being taught by every one of my patients. I ask everyone for their forgiveness in advance for those times when I lose sight of my intention of having a healthy internal dialogue. Happy New Year to everyone.

Take Control of Your Narrative