Terrain Wellness:

5440 SW Westgate Dr #320 Portland, OR 97221

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncture Clinic Under Construction

Our new location in SW Portland, Oregon is open as of August 1st, 2018 and we’re gladly accepting new patients. The newly renovated is located in the West Hills one exit past the Zoo on Hwy 26-West from downtown (exit 71B Sylvan/Skyline BLVD). Dr Danielle Smith Anderson’s commitment to providing the highest quality medical care from a naturopathic perspective has led to Terrain Wellness outgrowing our old location and push forward into our bright future.

A Special Note from Dr. Dani:

Hi Patients, Family and Friends!
I’m writing to thank each of you for your love and support as Terrain Wellness continues to thrive in our mission to help you thrive. But, excellence is never static and thriving means continually evolving. To that end, beginning August 1st, 2018, Terrain Wellness is moving to our own, newly renovated clinic space that is dedicated to the unique philosophy of care that our clients trust. I wish all of you a happy summer season filled with love and good health; I’m so excited to offer my best in serving each of you in our new clinic space!

We will be adding Injection Therapy to our already expansive array of treatment modalities.

Of course I will still be giving all of the love, attention and care that you’ve come to appreciate. Out of respect for our patients, the new clinic and staff is focused on improving efficiency and flow while offering more services in an organized, peaceful environment. Over the next several months we will be unveiling many exciting announcements and new treatment modalities. Today’s announcement is the introduction of an expanded selection of natural pain management including neural therapy (an injection technique that uses local anesthesia) and dextrose to calm, soothe and restore proper nervous system function after chronic or acute injuries. Neural therapy can also be used to release areas around old scars and encourage increased mobility and major pain reduction!

Portland Naturopathic & Acupuncture: Office Manager

Another announcement is that we are welcoming our new front office manager (my fiancé) Richard Lockwood to the team. Richard brings us much needed organization, multi-tasking and fantastic computer skills (not to mention love) to Terrain Wellness and we are excited to have him on board.

Thanks for taking this journey toward greater health and better healthcare with us. We are continually grateful for each of your love, support and encouragement through this process. We have more exciting things to come and look forward to continue to serve you, your family and friends. Inasmuch as I’ve helped each of you, each of you has been a teacher to me.

Yours in gratitude and in health,
Dr. Dani

Dr Danielle Smith Anderson
Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist
Naturopathic Medical Office: New SW Portland Location