IV therapy Portland Oregon

IV Therapy Portland Oregon

We are empathetic physicians who walk with you on the journey of improving your health. Our individualized Portland IV therapy (parenteral nutrition) services are custom tailored to your specific lab reports so your body gets exactly what it needs for optimal health and performance. Getting an IV isn’t “just for sick people” because it can be very helpful for serious amateur or professional athletes. Parenteral nutrition can be an integral part of improving health for many people because it allows us to quickly and directly improve the body’s internal chemistry via nutrient repletion. Athletes with rigorous workout schedules need to recover faster and get back in the game sooner. Let our individualized IV therapy help you be your best self.

But, IV nutrition isn’t just for high-performance athletes. Chronic stress, auto-immune, hormone imbalances, infections, allergic/inflammatory-responses and even a negative emotional state can all contribute to a nutrient-deficient state in the body. Over time, this nutrient-deficient state negatively affects hormone production and the digestive system’s ability to absorb nutrients, creating a positive feedback loop of declining health. This means that many people may not get adequate nutrients despite a healthy diet and taking oral supplements. Common parenteral nutrients include glutathione, vitamin C, NAD and various B vitamins. We also offer advanced techniques that involve patient-specific IVs based on in-depth lab test results. By introducing nutrients directly into the bloodstream, we address this deficient state, allowing our doctors to deal with the larger concerns regarding gut health, nutrient adsorption and hormone health.

While the science of our treatment philosophy has been integral to our clinical success, it’s also important that we affirm our patients by respecting the emotional impact that thyroid and hormone balance can make in one’s life.

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IV Therapy Portland Oregon:
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Athletic/Sports Recovery IV Therapy in Portland, Oregon:

parenteral nutrition for athletes
When it comes time to compete, every athlete knows that it all comes down to their own conditioning, drive, grit and skill. Maximizing strength, endurance and athleticism is an ongoing art and science that is continually evolving. Nonetheless, most athletes and coaches would agree that performance = fitness – fatigue. With regard to the fitness-fatigue equation, the goal of IV therapy for athletes is to replenish the body and reduce exercise-induced fatigue because faster recovery means more energy available for things like recreation, family/friends, work or just simply more practice.

With this in mind, when developing our individualized parenteral protocols we base them off of each individual athlete’s lab test results to minimize fatigue and speed up muscle, nerve and cardiovascular recovery. At Terrain Wellness in Portland, Oregon, our goal is to use parenteral nutrition to help replenish your body to a healthy, natural state in a safe, effective manner. Also, it’s important for athletes to follow the guidelines outlined in their sanctioning body’s policies on substances and dosages administered intravenously, which may change without our doctor’s knowledge.

A Few Sports Where Customized Approach May Be Helpful For Some Athletes:

IV Therapy Portland Oregon

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Running, Sprinting & Distance/Marathon
  • Crossfit
  • Biathlon, Triathlon
  • Swimming
  • Crossfit
  • Powerlifting
  • Cycling

No matter what your sport, goal is to help you recover from your strenuous workouts and competitions in a safe and healthy manner. In addition to IV nutrition, we also offer full service naturopathic, acupuncture and primary care medicine to keep you performing at your best.

Please book an appointment to maximize your health and athletic performance.

What is IV Therapy?

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Terrain Wellness is proud to offer IV Therapy (also called parenteral nutrition) at our clinic in SW Portland, Oregon. Intravenous Nutritional Therapy is a medical procedure where powerful antioxidants and other vitamins, minerals and medications are administered directly into the patient’s bloodstream via a small tube called a catheter that is inserted into a blood vein. Parenteral nutrition is popular because it works quickly to supply the body with vital vitamins and minerals that may be lacking. Parenteral nutrition replaces nutrients that can be depleted due to illness, stress, hormonal imbalance, dietary insufficiency, imbalanced gut flora or due to other various health conditions. Common parenteral nutrition treatments like the Meyer’s Cocktail and nicknames like drip and “banana bag” have come into the widespread public awareness as a way to shorten/avoid Cold & Flu, boost energy or even alleviate a hangover. However, the true benefits of individualized treatment go much deeper.

IV Therapy: Nutrient Absorption, Gut Health

IV Therapy Portland Oregon

Patients who have taken antibiotics, antacids and some common prescription medications often experience a reduction in how they absorb certain vitamins and nutrients. Other patients may have health conditions or a genetic profile that leaves them susceptible to vitamin deficiencies. Furthermore, the body’s immune response is also very resource-intensive, meaning that it taxes the body’s nutrient reserves. Faced with what the body perceives as a threat, the immune system will protect the body by prioritizing survival over long-term health; in this way expending whatever vitamins and minerals the immune system demands. However, problems arise in that it takes the body quite some time to rebuild nutrient reserves repeatedly taxed by illness.

Chronic illness, inflammatory diets, mild allergies and auto-immune conditions can all exacerbate and increase the frequency of this strong immune response, resulting in patients being continually depleted of vital nutrients. Similarly, long-term stress causes a continual drain on our body’s precious nutrient reserves as the body continually remains on red alert. Adrenal-fatigue scenarios due to a combination of stress and other factors can lead to endocrine imbalances like estrogen dominance in women and low testosterone in men as well as reaching harmful levels of the stress hormone Cortisol. These nutrient deficiencies start off very gradually at first, but become self-reinforcing over the years as endocrine imbalances decrease gut health, which decreases nutrient absorption in the intestines, which in turn decreases hormone production (and gut health) even further still. Because the chemical messengers that make up the body’s endocrine system are integrated with one another, patients experiencing severe nutrient depletion may experience migraines, body pain and even depression.

All of the above means that often the patients who need nutrients the most, are least able to absorb proper nutrition from the foods they eat and the supplements they take. By putting nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream, we bypass an unhealthy digestive system and whatever problems may exist in the gut.

..why settle for a generic Meyer’s Cocktail when you can have a bag custom-designed for you and only you by a doctor who has reviewed your labs and health history?

Individualized IV Therapy in Portland, Oregon

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This is where individualized IV therapy can help. Whether you suffer from past exposure to heavy metals or you’re an athlete getting ready for strenuous activities including a marathon, cycling or other physically demanding sport. Since parenteral nutrition bypasses the intestines and goes right to the bloodstream, we can begin rebuilding the body’s nutrient stores at the cellular level. By examining lab results and how the patient responds to repeated treatments, we fine tune our nutrient repletion so that we can deliver consistently better results. Concurrently, our naturopathic physicians work closely with each patient to repair gut health while supporting proper hormone levels holistically, so that our patients experience lasting wellness. Come experience what individualized healthcare can do for you at Terrain Wellness in Portland, Oregon.

It is worth noting that not all parenteral nutrition is equally effective and individualized healthcare yields the best results. We’ve all seen ads for clinics around Portland, Oregon offering the classic Meyer’s Cocktails or even hangover bags on an Al a Carte system. But, why settle for a generic Meyer’s Cocktail when you can have a bag custom-designed for you and only you by a doctor who has reviewed your labs and health history?

At our convenient southwest Portland Clinic, each IV prescription is customized to fit the exact needs of the individual patient. We are taking the time to get to know you and learn everything we can about your health needs. We look at lab results and conduct in-depth case reviews and adjust our prescriptions accordingly. We practice this way because it’s safer and more effective.

Since we are a holistic medical practice committed to the precepts of Naturopathic Medicine and acupuncture, we use parenteral nutrition as one modality among many that we practice to help our patients achieve lifelong health and wellness. Rather than a cure-all, we view it as an effective way to bring unhealthy nutrient levels up to where Mother Nature intended, so we can repair the body and restore gut health so that healthy vitamin and mineral absorption is attained from the foods we eat. If you’re in the Portland area, please come experience what individualized IV therapy can do in within the context of holistic healthcare.

Parenteral Nutrition: IV (Intravenous) , Sub-Q (Subcutaneous) & IM (Intramuscular)

Medically, IV therapy is one treatment modality within the larger category of treatments collectively known as Parenteral Nutrition. Parenteral Nutrition is nutritional supplementation that is “administered or occurring elsewhere in the body than the mouth and alimentary canal”. Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection methods are two other common Parenteral Nutrition administration methods that we offer. Vitamin B-12 shots are an easy example of Parenteral Nutrition that is not technically intravenous. At other times, the supervising physician may determine that a patient could benefit from intravenous nutrition but for some reason it is contraindicated. In these less common instances, our physicians may recommend that the patient receive a dose given via subcutaneous or IM injection. Parenteral Nutrition is a fascinating and highly effective treatment modality in that it bypasses the inefficiencies and potential problems existing in the digestive system.