Dr. Jonathan Shaffer (ND)

Dr. Jonathan Shaffer Portland Oregon

I am a graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine. I have additional training in Applied Kinesiology and Neuro-Emotional Technique as well as direct instruction from Dr Danielle Lockwood to treat chronic and complex cases. I am also receiving instruction in Ayurvedic medicine, and continue to expand my knowledge in this modality. I use these various lenses to create a comprehensive picture of any disease or disorganization in the body.

I work within the scope of practice in Oregon with full prescriptive rights. I am happy to manage prescriptions and understand their inherent value, but tend to lean more heavily on other modes of treatment. I use homeopathy, botanicals, muscle testing, and body manipulations to address most concerns. I treat patients with attention disorders, spectrum disorders, brain injury, autoimmune disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. I especially focus on complex cases, specifically pediatric mental health/chronic conditions, and men’s health at any age. No matter who I am working with, reinstating a balance is my core focus.

I currently live and practice in Portland, Oregon. I love learning, helping people and exploring the outdoors.

What I provide my patients

I believe that everybody is born to be in balance. We are all striving to be in a state of vibrant health and wellness. There are so many stressors that can affect a person in their physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body each day. Some of these stresses are obvious, but often we find toxins, parasites, or neurological traumas hiding deeper within. Our bodies work hard to keep it all together, but when one area in our life is off, we unconsciously compensate with another. My passion lies in identifying these hidden health obstacles and treating them at their core, so that patients can move into a lasting state of homeostasis, or balance.

Our reality in today’s society is that toxins are present almost everywhere we go. It is important to find a healthy balance of hope and optimism, with the reality of our current situation. Pesticides are sprayed weekly on our children’s playgrounds, soccer fields, hiking trails, and golf courses. Heavy metals and plastics are routinely found in fast food and public drinking water. Plastics interrupt hormone regulation leading to early onset puberty in children and reproductive issues in adults. Metals can build up in our organs and block our natural flow leading to more and more problems. If we aren’t detoxifying, these chemicals get stuck in our bodies. Parasites play a similar role, interrupting healthy organ and tissue function. These toxins are often overlooked, though they greatly impact the body’s foundational terrain. Through a unique system of muscle assessments, I can access information about the neurological, physiological, and emotional state of the body. This information directs the route to care, and allows the patient to actively be involved in their treatment. These techniques work with the innate wisdom of our bodies. I have seen what faith and creative medicine can do to change lives, and I infuse that wisdom in my approach with every patient. 

Primary Care: The Roots of My Practice

My interest in health and the obstacles to wholeness started from a young age. Growing up in Ohio with two special needs siblings, I saw firsthand the limited scope of mainstream medicine. This led me to work with special needs populations for 15 years prior to pursuing Naturopathic medicine. Starting at 13 I worked at a residential special needs camp for children and adults, with my older sister as my supervisor. Those formative years instilled a value in me to understand the unique perspectives of others and deeply care for people, especially those who are often overlooked. Transitioning from a general special needs population to ABA therapy, I continued to learn more about sensory and neurodivergent conditions. It was incredible to witness the joy and sense of belonging at the camps, and likewise amazing to see how the mind works and responds to behavioral therapy. These experiences taught me the value of truly being of service to others. However, it also highlighted the incredible lack of natural treatments for the people I served.

Growing up, when sickness occurred I could expect a visit to the “herb lady,” as we called her. She was a local botanist who used muscle testing techniques to identify problems and treatments. I knew this was a unique experience in Ohio, as no one around me seemed to know what herbs even were. Others may have been skeptical, but I always seemed to get well much quicker than my peers. It was my mother who confidently led me into the wisdom of holistic approaches to health. My mom is a powerful woman of faith, who always considers one’s spiritual health as just important as their physical health. This inspires my philosophy as a doctor, and I believe we can clear out all toxins in our body, mind, soul, and spirit.

To help others, we must first fill ourselves up. My daily health habits bring me joy and provide balance so that I have an overflowing cup. My simple routines include making daily smoothies, as well as weekly bone broth and kombucha. I also spend time gardening, trail running, cycling, and paddleboarding. It is tough to find time to get local ingredients at farmers markets, or build up motivation for that early morning run. I understand this firsthand and have compassion for the ups and downs of the process. Building healthy habits takes dedication and time, and I want to support you in revitalizing your terrain so that the seeds you plant in your life will flourish.

Health issues can feel hopeless and overwhelming at times, and there is a tendency for people to just survive and get by. I am here to extend a hand and bring patients out of that hole of despair and disease. There is no hopeless situation. By treating the mind and spirit, as well as the body, we uncover solutions that last for each unique person.

Closing Remarks

I am currently accepting new patients at Terrain Wellness, conveniently located in SW Portland, Oregon. If you’ve tried everything else and need a different kind of healthcare, call us today to start your journey toward robust physical and emotional health.

Thank You,
Dr. Jonathan Shaffer, ND
Dr. Jonathan Shaffer Portland Oregon

Dr. Jonathan Shaffer