Be sure to incorporate plenty of thyroid healing foods/ingredients into your regular meals.

These weekly shopping lists are part of a series on thyroid health involving a cleanse. If you’d like to participate sign up below or visit our 90-day Thyroid Healing series introduction page if you need more context and a big-picture look at the scope and goals of this cleanse.

Week #1
  • 7 Bunches of celery
  • 14 cucumbers
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 limes
  • Aloe vera juice or fresh aloe leaf 2 inch piece for every 2 cups of water for aloe water (approx. 14 inches of fresh aloe leaf to make a daily serving of 2 inches of aloe leaf per day to make aloe water)

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Dr. Vy Simeles and myself (Dr. Danielle Lockwood) are cautiously optimistic about this cleanse and thyroid protocol based on the feedback we’ve received from people we know who have tried it. Since wrestling with the idea of a “Medical Medium” seems unlikely to produce any benefit, we feel that trying the 90-Day Thyroid cleanse ourselves seems like a fun way to share an experience with our patients. Since the idea of juicing vegetables to supplement meals is widely practiced for general health, we feel safe just seeing what happens in the context of thyroid function. Since we are doctors & specialists of naturopathic medicine treating thyroid conditions, the cleanse seems very relevant to our practice. That said, the idea of a “medical medium” is controversial, so our trying the cleanse is not an endorsement because we don’t yet know how it will work for us.

90-Day Thyroid Rehab: Weekly Shopping Lists.