90-Day Thyroid Rehab Part A:

medical Medium lymphatic, liver & gut rehab foods

Below are the instructions to follow for the first 30 days. The goal for this first month is to begin to use vegetables and limiting certain foods with a view to reducing stress on the liver, lymphatics and gut to achieve the goal of improving thyroid health. Juiced fruits and vegetables should be consumed in addition to normal dietary intake, with the exception that the foods in Instruction #4 should be eliminated, with another food of a similar type substituted (e.g. substitute a protein for another protein, a carbohydrate with a different carbohydrate etc).

medical medium lymphatic, liver and gut health

Instructions for Medical Medium Lymphatic & Liver: Gut Rehab Foods

1. Drink about 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach each morning:
If you have an allergy to celery you can substitute this for cucumber juice, although celery juice is a stronger juice for the purposes of getting trace minerals and mineral salts. Fresh plain celery juice with no additives. This is NOT breakfast it is not enough to get through your morning.This helps build up healthy hydrochloric acid to kill off pathogens that you may be exposed to and properly breakdown and digest food, and hydrate. If 16 ounces is too much start with a smaller amount and work up to the full 16 ounces.

2. Sip roughly 16 ounces of lemon or lime water at midday or early afternoon:
Squeeze a lemon or lime into a glass of water and drink it. Lemon-Water helps with bile production and liver health. Thinning the bile helps with elimination of toxins accumulated from plastics, pharmaceutical drugs and other environmental exposures. A recent study found that lemon water promotes weight loss and helps regulate blood glucose levels. Oh, and let’s not forget about the vitamin C and improvements to skin quality that lemon is known for.

3. In the evening drink 16 ounces of aloe water or cucumber juice:
Add in extra parsley or cilantro in this juice. More than a simple garnish, parsley is an excellent, natural choice for getting extra vitamin A, B, C & K into your diet. It also helps reduce inflammation by lowering water retention. Cilantro, much like Parsley, is loaded with antioxidants. The combination of these two visual-similar herbs (Parsley and Cilantro) adds yet another natural vitamin-boost to this already robust thyroid cleanse.

4. Eliminate the following:
Pork, dairy, gluten, eggs, canola oil, corn and soy. While some items on this list definitely have some health benefits (eggs, I’m talking about you), we will be following the protocol as it was given to us. That said, things like soy, gluten, corn, dairy and pork can be problematic in some people for various reasons. This is not to say that these foods are all bad or that they don’t have any beneficial qualities. Nonetheless, soy can influence estrogen levels, gluten and dairy have been linked to inflammation in many people and pork often has high levels of antibiotics, preservatives and other detrimental properties when it comes to endocrine function.

5. Add in “healing foods” throughout the day:
See Chapter 22 Powerful foods, herbs and supplements for healing” AVOID any foods that you have known allergies to or if you develop allergic symptoms. Add these foods liberally to your diet as each of them has antioxidant, antiviral and thyroid support properties and very helpful for boosting the immune system, helping the body to eliminate heavy metals and cleaning the lymphatics. Check out our Thyroid Healing Foods Page, LINK BELOW:
Infographic of foods that may help support the thyroid and promote endocrine function.
See Thyroid Healing Foods Page For Other Foods to Include

6. Tips and tricks:
Plan Ahead. Eat before parties or gatherings. Prep the food on the weekends or on a day off. Add medicinal food in the beginning or end of the day if the middle of the day is too hectic. Also, the beginning of the week is a great time to shop for your vegetables and come up with a game plan. Lastly, allow for some flexibility in your meal and vegetable juicing plan because sometimes we need a backup plan or an alternate for those times when “life happens”.

7. A few final words:
Restoring function to your liver, lymphatics and digestive tract are critical to killing off EBV, thyroid and increasing healthy whole foods and vegetables. Some people may only need to do 30 days, others already in optimal health may find this cleanse unecessary. However, we have decided to go through all three levels of clearing to address all systems related to healing from chronic illnesses especially optimizing thyroid function both as a demonstration, experiment and to “practice what we preach” here at Terrain Wellness.

If we stray from the plan, we start again the next day. We are all learning how to forgive ourselves, to confront hard things in life and choose to do them anyway. But, let’s not use “forgiveness” as an excuse to completely dodge accountability to ourselves. Healing is happening even though we may still have symptoms in the process, it takes time to heal. Thyroid conditions often take years, decades even to develop, so even doing a three month cleanse is still very short in comparison.

This is NOT a deprivation or “going hungry cleanse”. One reason we are testing out the 90-day Thyroid Rehab is because this is a whole-foods nutrition plan and we want to see for ourselves how feasible/realistic this will be for our patients. There are a few things to avoid, but our focus is to add in nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and healthy sources of protein. We feel that this cleanse will help set a baseline for healthy foundations even if one’s thyroid already functioning well.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Danielle Lockwood ND,LAc

Welcome to the first 30 day section of our 90-day Thyroid Rehab. In this cleanse, Dr Vy and myself (Dr. Danielle Lockwood) are trying out “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing”. In our medical practice, we’ve heard numerous anecdotal reports of people having positive experiences with this program for improving thyroid function. however, we’re not endorsing this book at this point. We’re trying out the cleanse out of curiosity and feel like it will be a fun experience for us to share with patients and non-patients alike. If you just found this page and need some context of what this program is and why we’re doing it, please look over our 90-Day Thyroid Rehab Introduction page.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook so you can interact with us, ask questions and share your experiences. We encourage both patients and non-patients to participate in this cleanse with us. However, we do ask that non-patients check with their doctor before making any diet and lifestyle changes. Patients, of course, can simply ask us if this thyroid cleanse is right for them.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

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90-Day Thyroid Rehab Part A: Liver, Lymphatics, Gut Release
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